Te pō tē kitea – the night of no seeing. 2020.


An instinctive response to Te Po Roa – The long night.

These works are a direct homage to Te Pō evolving from Te Kore. Te Po Roa is The long night. A space where nothing is seen, nothing is known, nothing is defined however lingering beneath the surface is the potential for all things preparing to emerge. Instinctively seeking, sensing and connecting.

Scratching through the surface Te Po reveals life and imaginings. Instinctive incisions allow energies to connect and form shapes familiar yet unrefined.

These works are instinctively created with this kaupapa in mind. I ask, if I were Te Po what would I see?

Within this space/phase of time the male and female energies united in a tight embrace. Te Po belongs to Ranginui and Papatuanuku as they came into being and mingled and merged their essence together igniting growth.  Their union created life and their separation created Te Ao Marama – the world of light and the phase in which we reside in today.

The process evokes the creation of Te Po.  The empty page represents Te Kore – the great void full of the potential of all things.  The instinctive addition of colour across Te Kore represents the transition phase as energies emerge and connect.  The black layer signifies full immersion into Te Po – the great night.  It was in this space that Ranginuiand Papatuanuku came into being and connected in a tight embrace. The scratching into the surface reveals colour and energies that create parts of places and spaces and things.

H 1030mm W 730mm

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Vanessa Edwards

Vanessa graduated from Taupo Quay School of the Arts in 2002, majoring in printmaking. Over the last 10 years she has worked predominantly in drypoint.

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