There are so many ways to fly - Fleur Wickes


Atist Statement:

Very occasionally, I get caught up in comparison. Look at someone else’s self or life, find myself lacking. When I wrote this I was having one of those what’s-wrong-with-me days so I did what I often do when I’m feeling wobbly and I went for a walk by the river, watched the birds flying. Different breeds, some strong and solid and powering through the sky, some tiny and kinda floating in the air. And I thought to myself right then , yeah man, there are so many ways to fly. All those mofo birds are beautiful – they fly according to their own rhythm. With that thought I came back to myself – realised the key is to focus on my own kind of flight. Be my own kind of hot and fabulous bird. This artwork’s my reminder.

AO framed size 113 x 87.5cm

I made this artwork by at first drawing the words on a thin piece of paper with a beautiful blue chromographic pencil, which remind me of the colour of old-fashioned carbon paper. I then photographed the paper, took the image into photoshop [a photographic editing programme] and did a whole lot of digital work on it to make it look like this. Rough and raw and real and true.

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